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Does a screened in lanai add value to your home?

When we talk about outdoor living in West Orange of Florida we have to consider multiple factors; the two most commons are: weather and bugs, therefore to respond a popular question from our clients then YES, absolutely! a screened in lanai adds value to your home.

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to add value to their homes, and whether is a condominium, townhome, apartment or house with a lanai space you may add a screen enclosure to be able to enjoy outdoor living area right at your own home.

Out of the year, there are at least 8 months average in Central Florida where we may enjoy absolutely perfect weather temperature and been able to take advantage of it, simply is priceless. In fact it’s an investment to add a screen enclosure to your home’s lanai space.

Because of the ecosystem we have in Central Florida and specifically Windermere, Winter Garden, Gotha, Oakland and Ocoee (South West of Orlando, FL) where the temperature are rather warm and surrounded by lakes, ponds, oak trees, bald cypress and others, as part of our beautiful
nature, it makes a great habitat for bugs.

One way to rule out bugs at your home’s lanai or back porch is to install a screened in lanai enclosure.

Every time our clients contact us for a lanai or back porch screen enclosure to be installed, they are adding value to their home and most importantly adding character to their outdoor living space which it creates opportunity for building family and friends’ memories.

In conclusion, a screened in lanai adds value to your home for resale purposes, adds value to your home living space for building memories, adds value to your home living for enjoying a great weather.

patio screen repair, pool screen repair, lanai screen repair, screen enclosure repair

Hurricane Season Preparedness

Updated: July 29th 2020

We hope you are you family are staying safe and well with this eventful year, and since now we are entering the hurricane season.

We are starting to prepare and encourage our customers overview and check your home’s screen enclosures for possible screen panels repairs, tension cables adjustments, screen door kit and locks.

The purpose for this is to make sure your screen enclosure is stable and secured to handle tropical storms and strong winds.

Did you know? the screen material is made out of fiber plastic composite that can resist strong winds “within a moderate consideration” like up to Category 3 wind surge. Now, if the screen is old and it has holes due to time, then it is not sturdy enough to support even a tropical storm.

Therefore, we recommend screen panel replacements to endure the enclosure.

Things you can check or look for to asses your screen enclosure:
– Screen panels conditions
– Aluminum frame stability (ie: bottom, joints, etc.)
– Door kit(s) functionality
– Tension cables strength
– Any other visible aspect to consider

There are factors to consider such as tree(s) and other objects that can potentially obstruct the screen enclosure and damage it, but the main thing is to focus in what we can control and take preventive action.

Best Screen Enclosures is here to help you with any service you need regarding your home’s screen enclosure before and after any event.

Keep us in mind for any screen repair job, as we strive to provide with the best possible pricing options, screen enclosure materials, professionalism and timely manner to get the job done.

In addition we updated this Hurricane Season Preparedness‘ post to expand crucial and valuable information we consider it should be vital to include.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced an above-average 2020’s season (approximately above 60%) of activities and weather events from July 1st through November 30th.

Prepping for more than just your surroundings?

In the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane, FEMA may provide disaster grants that needn’t be repaid, the amount you get is usually much lower than you need — in the tens of thousands, for losses that could easily run to the hundreds of thousands.

Your regular home insurance should protect you from one of the biggest risks, wind damage.

Water should be covered too unless the insurance company decides the damage is covered by flooding, which requires a separate policy.

However, Insurers typically issue moratoriums on even making changes to existing policies once a hurricane warning (or even a hurricane watch) has been issued for an area.

Now with many hurricanes sure to come in 2020, take the time to evaluate your coverage before its too late.

patio screen repair, pool screen repair, lanai screen repair, screen enclosure repair

Collaboration with 407Handyman

At Best Screen Enclosures (BSE), we are please to announce our association with one of the leading Central Florida successful company and well know professional brand 407Handyman, LLC.

This collaboration happens to comply with the demand of jobs we continue receiving on a fast growing South West Orlando area.

The West Orange community formed by charming old Florida style City of Winter Garden, FL the prestige Town Among the Lakes Windermere, FL the Local Citrus and Industrial supported City of Ocoee, FL the great grow town known for it’s unique buildings Oakland, FL and the good living of Gotha, FL.

Part of this collaboration is working on the screen enclosure repair and to support our communities in the West Orange County including the emerging Horizon West and Hamlin.

Keeping the screen enclosure in best shape and conditions as possible help maintain the value of our properties as well as enhancing our outdoor living in times of mosquitoes and bugs for the warm Florida weather.

We invite our clients to visit our screen repair services and to contact us via phone call/text, email or social media.

Best Screen Enclosures website is constantly updating, therefor visit us often for updates and shop ideas for your home outdoor living space.

patio screen repair, pool screen repair, lanai screen repair, screen enclosure repair

Screen Enclosure Repairs During COVID-19

When in need of a screen enclosure repair during this unique time. We are concern about the COVID-19 pandemic, just as you are. In one way or another we try our best to support our customers and communities by keeping our safety and health of our families.

To comply with the home-stay and activities done at home there are some limited pool screen repair jobs we are continuing to do during this critical time. As well as we are scheduling for when times come back to normal.

As of now, there are some limited screen enclosure repairs we are doing to assist with the time you are at home with your loved ones and partaking in kids-parent activities, we are accommodating some patio screen jobs.

In the event of proceeding with a job at your home, we as well are practicing social distancing and proper safety procedures to keep health as high priority.

Besides home schooling among other activities indoors, we also enjoy some fresh air and specially with the little ones. We can do a lanai screen repair, so you can step out for a morning coffee, an afternoon book reading or an evening glass of wine without worrying about insects.

We hope you remain safe, take care and stay home. This too shall pass as soon as possible with everyone’s help.